Virtu Made

Virtu Made Vintage Baule Throw Blankets


Baule blankets come in a wide array of colors and patterns.

If you would like a specific color you may request one by messaging us when you place your order. We cannot guarantee that the blanket you receive will match the exact color and pattern, but we do guarantee that it will be equally charming and beautiful.

Please refer to the photos to get an idea of the diversity of styles and colors.

PLEASE NOTE: *Each Blanket is unique. Hand-made in what is known as cottage industry production. Each village is known for its diversity of stylized patterns.

*Since this product is vintage there may be small imperfections or tears in the fabric. This is expected and widely regarded as part of the appeal of these precious fabrics.

*Sizing varies— Approximate Size: 52" x 42"

Made in Côte d’Ivoire