UPSTATE Raw Silk Beach Throw - Viva


A diva from the past, reinventing herself for Summers lounging on warm rocks in the Mediterranean.

  • 100% Silk noil
  • 43" x 76"
  • Machine wash cold tumble dry low
  • Hand dyed and made in NYC
A note on Raw Silk also known as Silk Noil:

The texture of silk noil can be surprising. It is flannel/cotton. Silk Noil is untreated silk reeled from the cocoon and covered with a protein called seracin.  Seracin contains amino acids and collagen that can be directly absorbed into the skin.  If you rub the silk noil on your skin you can feel the moisturizing benefits to your skin. It's great to use if you struggle with dry skin, acne, and eczema.