The Aesthetic Union

The Aesthetic Union - Native Land



Thinking about this past year and our history in relation to the land that we live on has brought up some difficult feelings to come to terms with. It’s true, we live on stolen land. It’s a fact that we demonized the people who were stewards of this land before us and that these demons live in the names of places. During the early years of the nineteenth century, missionaries were actively recruiting Indians for the missions. They wanted to baptize the Natives (and thus save their souls) and they needed workers for mission orchards, gardens, livestock-tending, and domestic work. When baptized Indians fled the missions and persuasion failed to get them back, soldiers were sent to retrieve them. In 1805 soldiers tried to capture Indians in a marsh north of Concord and, when the Indians completely disappeared into an eerie thicket in the night, the soldiers named the area “Monte Diablo” (thicket of the devil). Let’s give back the name we took from this majestic peak

Made in United States of America. Unframed

18" l x 12" w x 1" h

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