Sigrid & Co

Sigrid & Co. Blue Cactus Silk Pillow Case


One of a kind, vintage Moroccan cactus silk pillow cover, they come in beautiful colors and unique motifs original of the Moroccan culture. These pillow covers are hand-woven in Morocco using cactus silk (also known as sabra silk extracted from the Aloe Vera cactus), found in the Sahara Desert.
Vegetable dyes give these Moroccan pillows its unique brilliant look.

The spiky leaves from Saharan agave cactus are harvested, hammered, and then soaked to release fibers. The fibers are then hand spun using traditional processes to make cactus silk. The silk is then combined with camel wool and hand-woven on a loom to make cactus silk rugs that later make these vintage pillow covers.

It's distinctive design and characteristic will elevate the style of your bedroom, living room, reading nook, or kid's bedroom. 
Adds soft luxe texture to any couch, chair, or bench.

  • Zipper Close.
  • Color: Denim Blue.
  • Size: 18"x18" Approx.
  • Handmade in Morocco. 
  • Insert included
  • Materials:100% natural Cactus (agave) silk and vegetal dyes (Please avoid contact with water)
  • Dry clean only

Please note these Moroccan pillows are one of a kind, meaning no two are the same, and differences in colors, motifs, and sizes will be different.