Ichcha Bindi Travel Bag

$21.60 $36.00

The purpose of making this toiletry bag was to use Ichcha's unused fabrics. The fabrics were re-printed, given a 2nd life, hand embroidered and made into these bags.

They keep the waste out of landfills, empower women through their embroidery work, and they carry your essentials. They are double layered and quilted for durability.

Because these are upcycled, no two are the same. A small bird with a little jingle, attached to the zip, brings you love from the ladies who made them. It makes a perfect gift for travelers.

PRODUCT DETAILS: block printed using carved wooden blocks, hand dyed in natural dyes hand embroidered small embroidered bird with a little jingle on the zip color: black fabric: 100% cotton interior: lined approximately 9" x 5" washable great for tall bottles