Alyssa Dineen

Alyssa Dineen - The Art of Online Dating


You’ve tried the old fashion way but it’s not working for you. Whether you’re an old pro at online dating or new to the scene, professional stylist Alyssa Dineen can teach you how to put your best self forward.

Learn the art of online dating from seasoned stylist Alyssa Dineen, founder of Style My Profile, whose unique approach toward intentional dating and self-discovery helps online daters transform their destinies by taking charge of their profiles. This concise, clear guide will empower you to be confident in life and romance and prioritize meaningful relationships. 

It’s a world that Alyssa had to navigate herself when she became a divorced, single mom of two.

In The Art of Online Dating, Alyssa provides you with a capsule course on the basics of styling an effective online profile, including:

  • Wearing the best clothes for your body type, in your profile pic and on dates
  • Learning the 15 essential pieces everyone should own
  • Crafting a bio that conveys your authentic self
  • Taking a selfie you’re proud to post
  • Choosing the right dating app

Ultimately, The Art of Online Dating is about so much more than finding true love. It’s also about rediscovering your personal style - and yourself.