a_db botanical color

a_db Botanical Colorblock Bamboo Socks


These are the softest socks you will ever feel. Made from sustainable bamboo rayon, dipped dyed with Japanese indigo, logwood, and cochineal. Each one is slightly different and totally unique! 

One Pair

Each item is one-of-a-kind and handmade. The actual item will vary from photograph 2 color variants: Blue / Pink OR Purple / Blue ** Imperfections and variations are part of the process and make these pieces unique.

94% Bamboo rayon and 6% Spandex

Fit most feet up to women's size 10

Care: Wash delicate on cold water setting with a ph-neutral detergent (eg. no Tide or Gain). Hand dry or tumble dry low. Keep out of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Do not wash often.

Wash in cold water with delicate cycle or hand-wash.

Following these tips will prolong the life of your garment, which was created with slow and deliberate care.